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Welcome to the Surrey Police Lost Property System

Have you have lost something or found something?

Please read the Terms and Conditions that relate to use of this Website.

Search Help

You can search the database in any one of five ways:

1) KEYWORD : Any word or any string of symbols in any case entered in this box will be located and listed by the database. The word can appear in any part of the entry relating to the item.

2) CATEGORY : Any item of property can be attached to various categories, so a watch for example may appear in both "Jewelery" and "Clocks and Watches". Selection of a category by checking the box with the cursor will reveal all items currently entered in that category. Pick out the item that interests you and click on the "Details", or the image of a camera, if a picture has been attached.

3) VIEW ALL PROPERTY : To view all of the property in the database in a list, click on the View Property button without checking any of the categories. From this select the item you are interested in.

4) REFINED SEARCH : If the list of property is too large, you can refine the search by selecting from the options offered.

5) REGISTER AN INTEREST: If the property you are seeking is not on the database, you can register an interest so that should a piece of property from anywhere in the county be entered, the system will notify you automatically and take you directly to it.

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