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Welcome to the Surrey Police Lost Property System

Have you have lost something or found something?

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About Virtual Bumblebee

History and Concept

In November 1997, Surrey Police and the Metropolitan Police mounted a display of property at Epsom Race Course. It was a great success and the comments from Victims led to work commencing on the creation of this site.

Tony Hart draws Virtual Bumblebee

It was against this backdrop that the concept of Virtual Bumblebee was developed as a cost effective response to our obligation to seek the owners of property and try to relieve the pain felt by the losers and victims.

Gradually, more organizations and Police forces joined the system. approached ATOC (Association of Train Operating Companies) was approached, and a trial of the system was commenced by Virgin Trains . Additional programming enabled the porting of results back onto the Virgin Trains web site.

Funding from PITO (Police Information Technology organization) further accelerated the development and realising the potential was growing Coraider Services built further interfaces to enable multiple item upload and links with other property management databases.

In May 2002 Lost Property reporting, lost report self management and lost item display were added for one Police force to test the process. This was quickly followed by the creation of the partner disposal site, "Bumblebee Auctions ".

March 2003 saw the addition of greater functionality in the form of the auction preview and video download facilities. This was swiftly followed by the roll out of Lost property services for other Police Forces.

We believe that the addition of a significant property database will be regarded by the public as both an interesting curiosity, and a valuable point of reference in the event of loss or theft. It enables us to providing a service 24 hours a day, accessible from anywhere in the world which actively reunites property with losers and sells the message of security.

Virtual Bumblebee

The Virtual Bumblebee logo on this website may be reproduced royalty free by any organisation or publication for related purposes without further permission, provided that such reproduction does not alter the logo in any way or bring the logo into disrepute and an accreditation is shown to "Virtual Bumblebee".


Coraider Services, founded in 1995 and certified by Microsoft since 1997, is a software development and consulting company specialising in Intranet development.

If as an organisation you wish to use Virtual Bumblebee to add property you have recovered or had handed in please discuss your requirements with Coraider Services.

Any site is welcome to link to Virtual Bumblebee, and will be considered for a reciprocal link, on request, subject to assessment and without obligation.

Virtual Bumblebee is unique in the service, functionality and information it provides. It has been designed to be quick to load and provide a user friendly means to search for property. The data contained in Virtual Bumblebee is held on a dedicated server on a secure site.

Virtual Bumblebee is designed to :

Database Programing and final development Coraider Services based on an initial design for Surrey Police .


Project Manager Brian Whicher Surrey Police
Property Officers and Counter Clerks of Surrey
Programing Joseph Michael and Nick Browne Coraider Services
Concept Brian Whicher Surrey Police
Legal Advisers Nicola Marsden and Andrew Rigsby Addleshaw Booth
Business Advisers Ray Rutherford Surrey Police
Major Early Contributor Morgan Bryan Surrey Police

By using this site you will support its' continuance. Please tell your friends about it. We hope you find it a useful extension of our service.

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